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Package N-CLEX 2:  
"Accompaniment + Coaching + Take over"  


+ Additional fees if PayPal payment

Guidance and accompaniment step by step, and take over of the administrative part:

          We accompany you step by step during each part of the process and take over the administrative side of it. We will directly contact                  (by e-mails, mail or phone calls) the concerned organizations (nursing schools, licensing authorities, CGFNS, etc...)**.

          We will assist you in preparing and filling out the forms, and will then take care of forwarding them to your nursing school and licensing            authority (with a maximum of two (2) recipients in case of international tracked mail).

Coaching during the preparation of the exams that you will have to take (TOEFL, IELTS, N-CLEX, CGFNS exam...):

          We will coach you and give you all the advices you need (based on our personal experiences and successes), to give you the best                   possible odds.

Follow-up appointments on a regular basis (Skype or phone):

          We will schedule regular follow-up appointment to assess you situation and the progress of your process. We will also give you the                  instructions for the next steps.

- Free access to our private community:

          You will have a free unlimited access to our private community where you can discover the useful ressources we recommend                           to succeed to your english tests and N-CLEX. It is also a perfect and friendly place to connect with our other clients.



To request more information about our services, you can  book a free information appointment on Skype.):

If you wish, you can sign up for this service by clicking on the button below:

*The price for this package only includes our services and you will still have to pay the different organizations (CGFNS, Board of Nursing, traducteur...etc). 

** Excludes specific circonstances: in some cases, documents will have to be sent by you. Some organizations could also refuse to correspond with anyone else than you.