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Assistance Package:  
"Targeted help during ongoing process"

 $ 200

The "Assistance Package" is intended for people who have already started the process of getting their nursing license in the USA and who need help with a specific issue to move forward. This package does not include help in preparing the documents required by the Credentials evaluation organizations (for this, see the Start-Up Package). To make sure that this package is the most adapted to your situation, after you fill out the Inscription form explaining to us the difficulties you are facing, we will validate your request and send you your contract and payment link, or guide you toward a different service.The Assistance package includes:

One hour long Guidance appointments at reduced price:

          You will have access to one free guidance appointment, one guidance appointment at 50% off, and all guidance appointments after                           that (if needed) at 15% off. 

Targeted help and limited accompaniment

          We will help you resolve the problem you are facing.

          We will, if needed, take over the communications with the organizations concerned (nursing school, licensing authority, ...) in order to resolve             that specific issue (This includes contacting them by e-mail or phone calls but does not include international mail).