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Start-Up Package:  
"Documents Verification"

 $ 90

The "Start-Up Package" is intended for people who are beginning the process of becoming a nurse in the USA and need help in preparing all the documents needed. It assures you will start on a solid base. This package includes:

- Assistance in preparation of the initial documents required by the credential evaluation organizations (CGFNS et ERES):

          We help you get the documents required by the credential evaluation organizations ready and review with you what will be needed                   from your nursing school and the licensing authority. Therefore we make sure that your initial application is complete.

One hour long Guidance appointments at a reduced price:

          You have access to one free guidance appointment and -15% on the next ones if you need more.

15% off an Assistance Package:

          We offer you 15% off an "Assistance Package" if later on, during your process, you need us to assist you further.